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Semiconductor Consultants, Inc. is a value added manufacturer's sales representative with 50 years of combined experience in the semiconductor industry.



We are an authorized sales representative for the following companies:

STAr Technologies / KVD Company

Global cross-functional teams work to develop leading edge systems to ensure that STAr / KVD clients achieve their long-term business objectives. A broad range of products and services can be provided.

Reliability, Parametric, Burn in Probe Card and Test systems provider

  • Mixed Signal Analog Test Systems
  • Parametric and Reliability Test Systems
  • Instrument Integration Software Shell
  • Probe Cards for Parametric, Reliability, and Functional Test
  • Integrated Turnkey Applications


J2m Test Solutions

J2m Test Solutions, a subsidiary of Darmark Corporation, has become the preeminent leader of custom test sockets and interconnects for the laboratory and production environments. With over 30 years experience in advanced engineering design, development, and manufacturing, they provide customers with products that have the maximum electrical performance and reliability.

Custom Socket Solutions

  • Pitch down to .15mm or less as requested
  • Machining tolerance +/-.00025mm/.0001inch
  • True positioning <.020mm/.0008inch
  • Best in class temperature stability from -60 to +160 Deg C
  • Spring pin/contact neutral
  • Design in the pin/contact of your choice or will make a recommendation based on your application
  • Tight tolerances improves pin/contact life
  • Best in class high current isolation
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IMT Innovative Manufacturing Technology

IMT is a leading supplier of laser cleaning technology and equipments for Semiconductor and Display Industries. They offer the innovative laser cleaning technology and equipments to remove various kinds of contamination from the product surface.

Portable, Manual and Fully Automated Lasers

  • Full \ Partial Probe Card Cleaning
  • Cantilever, Vertical, MEMs
  • Portable and Manual Socket Cleaning
  • Spring Probes, Lead Frames, Burn in
  • EUV mask cleaner
  • CO2 jet � De-burring System
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TSC and Semiconductor Consultants, Inc. Join Forces
Nov 28, 2009 - Test Solutions, Inc.
Semiconductor Consultants, Inc. is a value added manufacturer's sales representative with over 110 years of combined experience in the semiconductor industry. Our lines include handlers, probers, manipulators, docking, sockets and probe cards. Global account coverage with representatives in Phoenix and San Diego.

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